Herreshoff Alerion 26 Variants

In 1912, Nathanial G. Herreshoff designed a centerboard 26 foot boat for his own use. This boat is built today by several builders including Rumery's Boat Yard. Between 1977 and 1983 Sanford Boat built 21, then Matt Rives built 4 about 1993, and from 2012 Brad and Mike Pease have been building copies of the original. Captain Nat revised the design to include a full keel, more beam at the deck and more buoyancy forward. He blew this design up by a third to become the Newport 29.

In 2002, Sidney deWolf and Halsey Herreshoff took the Newport 29 design and created an 11/12ths of a 3/4 version of the Newport 29 that they called the Alerion 26. The newer boat is built by at least two builders. These boats are not quite the same. The Proper boats, actually built by US Watercraft,  have a smaller rudder than the Rieff built boats. The Proper built boats have an exposed shaft while the Rieff built boats have the propeller in an aperture.

The Proper built boats have the rig six inches further forward than the Rieff boats and have a significantly larger I measurement.


  I J P E Draft Beam  Displ LWL
Original Alerion 26 24.6 8.50 31.20 17.90 2.42/5.17 7.58 6000 21.75
Proper Yachts 32.00 9.00 31.00 12.00 3.58 7.17 4800 20.00
Rieff Boatbuilder 27.58 9.42 31.42 12.00 3.58 7.17 4800 20.00

Original Alerion 26

New Alerion 26 by Proper Yachts


New Alerion 26 by Brion Rieff Boatbuilder