C&C 110 Variants

The first C&C 110s, built between 1999 and 2001, had vinylester hulls. These were considerably heavier than the design displacement.  The standard draft keel was 6 feet. A 7.25 foot deep draft keel and a 4.83 foot shoal draft keel were options. The standard rig was a triple spreader Offshore Spars rig with rod rigging. The standard spinnaker pole is 16.0 feet long, or J plus 2 feet. A 5 foot sprit was an option making Jsprit = 20.0 feet, taking into account the 1 foot head stay setback from the bow.

The 110 was originally called the 110 Express. When the Express was dropped from the name, the rig was changed to a double spreader Selden rig with wire rigging. The triple spreader rig was still an option.

The standard 6 foot draft keel did not offer enough performance. Some also felt that the 7.25 foot draft, high performance keel was too deep. Beginning in 2001, the standard draft keel was completely revised to include a bulb and drew 6.5 feet. The deep keel option was dropped.

In 2002, the hull construction was changed to post cure epoxy. The result was a displacement a lot closer to the design weight. The section of the rudder was changed to give better heavy air control. The rudder profile was not changed. The spar supplier is now Charleston. 

Carbon rigs are standard beginning in 2004. 

The C&C 99 and 121 hull construction was also changed to epoxy in 2002 and their rigs to carbon in 2004.