C&C 37 Variants

The original C&C 37 was a run of the mill boat designed in 1981. The hull shape shows
some IOR thoughts. There were the usual shoal draft and centerboard versions.
In 1988 Rob Ball designed a new, performance 37. This edition is often called the 37/40.
Be very careful handicapping these. There are a number of versions. In addition, a 
number of the R versions were modified.
The basic 37/40 is called the 37/40+. This has an aft cabin interior, a non-tapered
double spreader rig without runner,+ version, and a 7.33 foot draft keel. The keel
has a small bulb on it. The I measurement for this boat is 52.0 feet. There are wing
keel and centerboard versions.
When a taller rig, I=53.5 is installed, the boat is called a 37/40-2. This version can 
be a bit squirrelly 
The 37/40XL has the Kevlar hull of the 37/40R, but with the aft cabin interior, 53.5 
foot I triple spreader rig with runners, and an 8 foot draft bulb keel.
The 37/40R is where the fun begins. This version has a Kevlar hull and deck. The interior
is more open than the cruising versions. Consequently the boat should weigh about a 
1000 pounds less than the others, in spite of the keel weighing 1000 pounds more than 
the others. The rig is a small section, 54.0 foot I, triple spreader rig. The keel is a 
normal elliptical shape, without a bulb and is 8.0 feet deep.
Many of the 37/40Rs are modified. A common modification is to take weight out of the 
keel. This has been done by two methods. The factory mod is to cut a window in the keel 
and fill it with a sand/resin mixture. Post delivery keel mods have included shaving 
lead off the sides of the keel and then building it back up with micro-balloons. 
The base handicaps that you see are usually based on the better performing boats which 
are usually the ones with the lightened keels. Unmodified boats should probably get some

Be careful with a boat called WAVE TRAIN. Just about everything is different with this