Hunter Rig Dimension Errors

Several Hunter boats, designed by Cortland Steck in the 1983 -1984 time frame, have significant errors in their published I dimensions and sail areas as published on brochures and sail plans. The designer, for some reason, used the upped mast black band as the top point of I. This is incorrect.

The upper measurement point of I is taken from the IMS manual which can be found on the ORC web site. This point is the higher of the highest halyard sheave groove or the intersection of the headstay with the front side of the mast, projected if necessary to account for a crane. The Hunter yachts in question have significant cranes.

Using the sail plans, the following are the I dimensions:

Boat Brochure I To top of mast IMS I
Hunter 25.5 30.0 30.75 31.0
Hunter 31 42.0 43.0 43.67
Hunter 34 46.0 47.0 47.42
Hunter 40 52.75 53.5 53.75

Later Hunters appear to have the correct I measurements noted in their literature.