Medalist 33 Variants

There have been two different, but similar, boats built as Medalist 33s. The original (33-1) was designed by Bill Tripp, the elder, and was built between 1961 and 1965. All were flush decked with ports in the topsides and had attached rudders. The I was 35.58 and the J was 11.83. Some of these were later rebuilt with spade rudders and taller rigs.

In 1966, Le Comte redesigned the boat so that it was slightly longer. One(33-2) was built with an attached rudder and had a trunk cabin.

Between 1966 and 1970 the enlarged hull was built with a spade rudder and a tall rig (33-2). The I was 39.5 and the J was 12.25. The -3 was available with either a flush deck or a trunk cabin.

LOA     32.67              Medalist 33-1
LWL     22.50
Draft       5.00
Beam     10.00
Displ     11700
Ballast     3700

LOA    33.00             Medalist 33-2
LWL    24.00
Draft       5.25
Displ    12000
Ballast    4200

LOA     33.00   Medalist 33-3(Flush deck)
LWL     24.00
Draft       5.25
Displ    12000
Ballast    4200 

                       Medalist 33-3(Trunk cabin)