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Working through local fleets, PHRF New England is an independent handicapping authority whose handicaps are used by fleets in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts Bay, the Gulf of Maine, Maritime Canada, St. Pierre, and Lake Winnipesauke.
Look up your Fleet and then register online to join a fleet and request a certificate. If you are from outside this region, register online for the 'New England' fleet. Handicap or PHRFNE account access questions can be directed to your fleet handicapper.
Arará (Black Pepper Code 2)
Gollin, Tim
Handicaps: -93 / -87
New on 12/10/2018
Escapade (C&C 34)
Ball, Rob
Handicaps: 150 / 165
New on 10/30/2018
Tokoloshe (International 110 Class (C. Hunt Design))
Chislett, Cameron
Handicaps: U161 / U161
Change on 09/15/2018
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