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Short-Handed Certificates

As of January 2021 we now offer a free 'Short-handed' certificate for single and double-handed boat racing. To request one please follow the steps below.

  1. Apply for a regular PHRFNE certificate
  2. After you receive a handicap and regular certificate you are eligible to request a 'short-handed' variation of that handicap rating
  3. Login to your PHRFNE account and on the resulting 'Application & Certificate Summary' screen you can click the "Request a Short-Handed Certificate' button next to the visible issued certificates
  4. You will be presented with a pre-filled registration form ; please alter your boat/configuration specifications to align with your short-handed sailing intentions
  5. Submit your application and a separate short-handed certificate will be issued and visible on the Valid List.
  6. Short Handed certificates are only to be used in Short Handed classes where all boats are Short Handed and all boats are using Short Handed certificates
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© 2024 PHRF New England