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Amendment Number 1 to the Sailing Instructions

PHRF - New England Championship

S.I. 6.2 is changed by replacing "4" with "5" so that it reads:

6.2 Two races are scheduled each day. If conditions permit, a third race may be sailed in any one day, but not so as to exceed a total of 6 races in Division 1 and 2 or a total of 5 races for Division 3. A third race will be signaled by hoisting of code flag "R" before the finish of the preceding race.

S.I. 21.1 is changed to read as follows:

21.1 The Low point Scoring System (RRS Appendix A2) will apply. If Classes in Divisions 1 and 2 sail 6 races there will be a throw out (alters RRS Appendix A2). If Classes in Division 3 sail 5 races there will be a throw out (alter RRS Appendix A2). A quarter point bonus will be awarded for first place (alters RRS Appendix A4.1).

Signed: Stephen B. Jeffries

Principal Race Officer

Cruising Classes

Line 3

Eastern Yacht Club

Posted: Saturday, 23 August 2003

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