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Fleet Configuration (Step 2 of 2)

PHRF NE Recommends that fleets offer members/applicants the convenience of seamless and secure online credit card payment at the time of their application submission. If you elect this option PHRF NE will do all the work for you: creating and configuring a dedicated Fleet-specific account with a vendor named, a leading low-cost credit card processing solution. This vendor charges a very competitive and reasonable flat card processing fee of 2.9% (of the total transaction amount) plus 30-cents per transaction. Your funds are automatically deposited into a checking/savings account of the Fleet's choosing in 7 business days. The Biller-name on the credit card transaction will be the name of your fleet, so applicants will clearly see on their statements that payment was for a PHRF NE Fleet. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex are accepted.

The following form is exclusively for the use of PHRF NE Fleets that have made the decision to offer their members convenient and integrated secure online credit card payment during the handicap application process via technology from We will setup your account for you and get it provisioned to work with the new application system.

Please fill out the form below at your convenience. Your Fleet be setup by default to accept checks-by-mail until such time as the information below is provided.  Keep in mind that you can modify these preferences at any time by logging into your account after the login credentials have been passed to you after the account is configured. 

(default type: Individual/Sole Proprietor)
(entity tax id number)
(for Stripe to validate account)
(mm/dd/yyyy - used by Stripe to verify identity only)
(used by Stripe to verify identity only)

Checking or Savings Account
Stripe automatically deposits all funds into your bank account 7 days after the transaction. For this to work we'll need the following information.
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