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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a one-time certificate, especially if I am from outside of the region?

Fill out the application for certificate here. Apply under the NEW fleet.

2. Will my rating be the same as the rating provided by another fleet?

You will get the rating for your boat and its configuration within PHRF- NE. It may vary.

3. Is it possible to have the same racing and cruising rating?

Yes, all catamaran boats have no headsails or spinnakers so they have the same racing and cruising rating. If you take spinnaker credits they could increase the racing side while not increasing the cruising rating, making the numbers net out the same.

4. My boat is 10% heavier than other boats of the same model. Shouldn't I rate differently?

Actual boat weight is very hard to determine. We use the design weight of all boats, which is on average 10 percent lighter than the actual boat weight. By the time they are completed, most boats are heavier than their designed weight. Now add fuel, water, lots of personal gear, and the total weight really can vary. We treat all boats of the same model the same.

5. How do I appeal my rating? Can I appeal the rating of another boat?

You can appeal your rating or the rating of any boat you race against. Here are the instructions for appeals.

7. Why do some boats not get an asymmetrical sail credit?

If the boat comes standard with an asymmetrical sail, it is built into the base rating. Most new boats come with an asymmetrical sail as standard configuration now.

8. Why do the same model boats have different ratings in different PHRF Fleets?

Each fleet establishes a base line on boats they know. Using that baseline, they compare known boats to new boats.

9. What can be removed from the interior of my boat without penalty?

PHRFNE allows the removal of cushions. Anything that is not standard equipment on the boat may also be removed. All standard furniture and equipment must stay on board.

10. Can I use my PHRF certificate from an outside area in your area?

No. Regattas that require a PHRF-NE certificate will only honor PHRF-NE.

11. What is an unofficial certificate?
An unofficial certificate is given to a boat that does not meet the standards listed in our by-laws. Some fleets have asked us to rate these boats, which we will do. It is up to the race committee, not PHRF-NE, to determine if that boat is allowed to participate in individual regattas.

12. How do I find out more information about an individual boat?

Go to the Valid List on the web site click on the boat's certificate ID information at the far right of the display. On the next screen select View PDF and the certificate will be displayed with the entire description of the boat minus personal information. This can be done for previous years going back to 2013.

Still have questions? Contact your local fleet handicapper to learn more. Here is the contact information for all fleets.

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