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Ratings Review Update
January 22, 2018

Dear Governors and Handicappers,

In accordance with our ongoing ratings analysis, the Executive Committee has commissioned Regatta Management Solutions (RMS) to provide us with specific components of their 2016 and 2017 results for PHRFNE-rated races. These components include:

  • boats that finish in the top three places 80% of the time, and
  • boats that finish in the last three places 80% of the time at each event.

Once we receive this information, the Executive Committee will review and choose specific boats that we collectively believe clearly merit local/regional review by you, the Fleet Governors and Handicappers, who then will make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

It is important to note that the Executive Committee is determined to exercise prudent discretion and choose boats at this initial phase that truly merit review, as opposed to reviewing every boat that falls into the aforementioned two categories.

A second phase will follow to this initial review and will be further explained at the Spring Meeting by Vice Commodore Geoff Emanuel.

Once we provide information to the Fleet Governors/Handicappers, we request they expedite their review based on their knowledge of local boats and return with their recommendations to the Executive Committee. This will help ensure that we do not cause undue delay in responding to 2018 rating certificate requests we receive in the normal course of business.

 Respectfully submitted,

Doyle Marchant


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