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April 15th Discount Deadline, PHRF-NE
April 9, 2020

Dear PHRF Racers,

The PHRF-NE Executive Committee would like to remind you that the $5 discount for your certificate application has been extended to April 15th. We are all looking forward to sailboat racing this summer. Our executive committee is made up of a team dedicated to the success of sailing in our area:

Commodore: Gregg Nourjian

Vice Commodore: Chuck Twombly

Rear Commodore: Rob Gorman

Treasurer: Bump Wilcox

Commodore Emeritus: Doyle Marchant

Secretary: Don Logan

Ted Hood Sea Bliss

Photo above by Commodore Phil Smith.

Head over to to renew your handicap application or apply for a new one. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you have any trouble accessing your member log in or any questions.

Best Regards,

Lindsay Smith


Certificate Processor

Photos by Marblehead Studios
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