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Hyannis Yacht Club Race Hurricane Cup
September 14, 2023

Hyannis Yacht Club Hurricane Cup Race
To Nantucket

Re-scheduled for September 23-24th

Many Nantucket Sound PHRF racers look forward to the HYC Hurricane Cup and Eye of the Storm, as much as any other race during the season.

The Hurricane Cup race will also be the final season qualifier for the HYC Wilbur Cup Summer Series. The return race called the Eye of the Storm will finish mid-Sound to allow sailors to head either east or west to home ports.

This year's aptly named races have been re-scheduled for September 23 (Hurricane Cup out of Hyannis) & September 24 (Eye of the Storm out of Nantucket). Also, at the ‘after-party' in Nantucket the 'Blasted Hope Award' will be conveyed to the deserving skipper or miscreant.

Often, we experience some of the best weather of the season (occasionally a bit breezy), and for some, this is the last race of the year. All PHRF Skippers and boats are welcome and there are discounted rates at the Nantucket Boat Basin this time of year. We hope that you will join us this year!

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