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Spring 2013 Governors Meeting
April 8, 2013

Bump Wilcox submitted a proposal, which was aproved,  for a new fleet in New Brunswick, Canada.

Mike Dahill reported that the study of asymmetric spinnakers added to boats that didn't come with them was still in progress. A delegation from the US SAILING Offshore Office was present. They offered help with the study using wind tunnel and VPP work.

John Collins briefly didcussed the proposed By-Law changes. Basically this is to make the asymmetric spinnaker dimensions agree with the IRC/ORR definitions.

A demonstration of the new, on-line system was given to the fleet people present. As of the meeting 170 applications had been submitted electronically.

Russ Chapman brought up the notion of a separate certificate for short handed boats. He was asked to provide specific recommendations on what it would contain. 

Photos by Marblehead Studios
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