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Fall Governor's Meeting
November 15, 2006

1. The fleets each reported on their activities. It is common that Wednesday/Thursday evening racing is better attended than the weekend races. Several fleets reported excellant results from the news blast feature from the PHRF NE internet application.
2. John Collins reported that IRC is not making headway in New England due to the fact that the rule makers do not understand centerboard boats, like Hinckley SW 42's and Bermuda 40's.
3. Membership reports were distributed on CD's, thus saving a number of trees.
4. Walter Murphy reported on a very successful Championships. Entries were the highest in years.
5. A discussion of lifelines ended with a possible recommendation that the 2007 Championships be at the ORC Category 5 level, where lifelines are recommended but not required.
6. The inclusion of a statement at the beginning of the published Valid Lists was discussed to include a warning not to try to establish the handicap for another boat based on these handicaps as not all of the background data is provided in the lists.
7. Bump Wilcox gave the Treasurer's report. Due to the dues increase a year ago, PHRF NE is operating in the black with a small surplus.
8. Dave Felsenthal pointed out that there are several items in the By-Laws that are simply out of date. A small group will make update recommendations at the Spring Meeting.

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