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Fall 2013 Governor's Meeting
November 21, 2013

Treasurer Bump Wilcox reported that PHRFNE is in good financial shape. The report was accepted.

Walter Murphy reviewed the renewal rates for the past couple of years. He pointed out that PHRFNE is the largest PHRF fleet in the country, even larger than Southern California. 152536 blast emails were sent out compared to 110628 last year.

John Collins reported that about 11 percent of the on-line applications were returned to the fleets for incomplete or wrong data. For 2014 additional checks will be included in the software so that applications without spinnaker widths and locations of asymmetric spinnaker tack locations cannot be submitted until that data is filled in

Barry Steinberg and John Collins reported on the asymmetric spinnaker study which is underway. A list of parameters and representative boats is being compiled and will be submitted to US Sailing for velocity prediction program analyses. The VPPs will be run for sprits of varying lengths as well as asyms tacked to the bow for light medium and heavy displacement boats. With this data, accurate comparisons will be made between varying configurations on the same boat as well as between boats.

We are embarking on this study to determine whether a reevaluation of existing asymmetric credits as well as base ratings on sprit boats is necessary. Any changes would not take effect until the 2015 season.

Russ Chapman presented a proposal to take over the Championships and perhaps expand it to include other handicapping systems. This was accepted.

Matt Delaney was appointed to head a committee to review the By-Laws.

The following were elected for the 2014 season:
Commodore: Matt Delaney-Scituate
Vice Commodore: Dave Curtis-Marblehead
Rear Commodore: Doyle Marchant-Gulf of Maine
Secretary: Walter Murphy
Treasurer: Bump Wilcox
Chief Handicapper: John Collins

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