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Governor's Meeting
November 12, 2003

Most of the fleets reported better particpation in weekday, evening races than in weekend races. This is similar to other region's experience. There were a few isloated cases where weekend races are doing well. The charity races are examples of events that are doing well.

There was discussion about the appeal process. The appeal page has had some clarifying words added to it.

The vast majority of PHRF fleets have a base Lp of 155 percent. PHRF NE is an exception at 152 percent. This presents problems for boats going either way between fleets. The Long Island Sound Fleets have all changed to 155 percent. It would help participation if all fleets had the same base Lp. A concensus vote was taken. The majority favored a proposal to change the PHRF NE base Lp to 155% starting with the 2005 season. This will be voted on at the Spring Govenor's meeting as it requires a By-Law change.

The new PHRF NE officers for the next two years are:
Commodore: Jim MacNeil
Vice Commodore: Barry Steinberg
Rear Commodore: Dave Curry

Retiring Commodore Win Fowler was presented with a clock as a token of appreciation.

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