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Winter News
January 22, 2008

The abandonment of the J105 race on Sunday morning at the 2007 Championships was appealed to Mass Bay Sailing. That appeal was successful. The results have been updated to include that race, Race 7, for the J105 Class. This results in the swapping of second and third places.

The Handicapping Committee has recognized that boats with self tending jibs, as on the Alerion Express 28 and others, are at a disadvantage with respect to boats with non self tending jibs. Most of the boats with self tending jibs will receive addition credit. The Alerion Express 33, among a few others, had this already accounted for and will not be adjusted. If your boat has a self tending jib as your one and only jib, please make certain that you note that on the 2008 handicap Application.

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