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Spring 2010 Governor's meeting
March 24, 2010

Peter Dragonas, representing the Blue Water Sailing Club (BWSC), presented why they wish to join PHRFNE. They wish is bring more rigor to their races. They are hoping to get 50 to 60 members to join. Some expressed concern about losing members from existing fleets to the locationless BWSC fleet. This will be looked at it in the Fall. Presently they have 22 applications, of which 2 are from existing fleets.

Gary Leduc and Barry Steinberg presented their recommendations on handling Code 0/close reaching spinnakers. These sails fill ina hole in the polar diagram, particularly for fractional rigged boats with non-overlapping jibs and are flown from the masthead.

These sais have substantial luff ropes as luff tension is required to keep the sail mflat. They are also made of laminated or aramid material, again to keep flat. Convential asymmetric spinnaker made of nylon would get too full to be effective. 

Therefore PHRF will only penalize spinnakers made of laminate or aramid material with substantial luff ropes. 

Photos by Marblehead Studios
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