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Spring 2011 Governor's Meeting
March 31, 2011

There were two rrimary discussions.

Previously the "Unofficial" handicap notation was given to all boats without lifelines. Now that many races are conducted under Offshore Equipment Regulation 5, which does not require lifelines, we will use a new definition. Now the unofficial designation will be given to handicaps for one design boats that do not have more than a minimal amount of furniture and auxiliary power.

The 9 second per mile handicap credit for asymmetric spinmakiers tacked to the bow was originally intended for cruiser/racer boats with cruising spinnakers. Recently there have been a couple of race boats exploiting this with special racing asymmetrics. In these cases the 9 second per mile credit was excessive. In the future such installations will get a maximum of 6 seconds per mile credit.

Briefings were given about the new course for the Marblehead-Halifax Race and the new Mass Bay scoring system for the season totals.


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