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Fall 2011 Governor's Meeting
April 4, 2012

The newly elected officers are:
Commodore-Mike Dahill of Mattapoisett
Vice Commodore-Jody Graul of Nahant
Rear Commodore-Matt Delaney of Scituate

Past Commodore Dr. Bud Hawley was thanked for his guiding us through some unfortunate politics.

A question arose about the meaning one with respect to the Recreational Handicap adjustment. It was explained that one means one. This does not mean that you can have two sails of the same size. The one refers to the number of sails, one with an Lp over 110% and one 110% or less.

There will be a 30% credit on the 2012 Championship entry fee for those who had entered the cancelled 2011 Championship.

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