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Name: Jennifer Howard
Phone: 617-240-8408
Preferred Position(s): Flexible
Sailing Experience: I grew up racing in PSA, PYC and GBYC with my dad Wally Johnson. My dad was one of the founding members of PSA and past president of GBYC. I have a captains license and now do most of my sailing in the Boston area.
Posted: 2024-03-11 at 17:27:30
Name: Chad streeter
Phone: 6037770836
Preferred Position(s): Any
Sailing Experience: Asa101, 103 & 104 no real experience other than courses.
Posted: 2023-04-02 at 21:40:18
Name: Aleksandr Nemanov
Phone: (339)208-0340
Preferred Position(s): any
Sailing Experience: novice
Posted: 2022-07-26 at 12:13:12
Name: Nicholas DiMarco
Phone: 9109928036
Preferred Position(s): Grinder, mast, can do bow and trim main
Sailing Experience: I have 5 years experience sailing with four of those years being racing in college. I have sailed on j120, j106, beneteau 36.8, SanJuan 24 a Colgate 36, custom built IOR boat and few others Most of my experience has been in harbor bowie racing on the weekend and a few 100 mile races and about 1200 nautical miles of blue water
Posted: 2022-07-08 at 16:08:57
Name: Jack Nisbett
Phone: 617 427 7301
Preferred Position(s): Cockpit
Sailing Experience: I have been sailing for about 13 years, mostly around Boston. Some of my racing experience includes the Wednesday evening races held by Constitution Marina, and Great chase race, held by the Hull yacht club.
Posted: 2021-06-05 at 16:02:42
Name: Phil Hobbs
Phone: 603-583-0883
Preferred Position(s): Mast, Foredeck
Sailing Experience: I have been sailing / racing for about 25 years ranging from Laser to 46’ Lake Champlain racing J29 - Primary Position: Cockpit. Jubilee Yacht Club, Beverly, MA (6 seasons): Buoy and distance races. J24 - Adrenalin Rush – Primary Position: Cockpit. Finn Gulf 38/37 – Gold Watch/Blue Finn – Primary Position: Foredeck, Secondary Position everything except navigation. Marblehead to Halifax race and return with a win in our class. Gulf of Maine Racing Association (6 seasons): Buoy and distance races. Beneteau First 456 – Primary Position: Mast, Secondary Position everything except navigation. Crew Chief for two Gulf of Maine races. Newport Bermuda race: Mast, Foredeck, Helm. Newport Bermuda return: everything except navigation. Delivery: 2 man crew delivering a 46’ sailboat from Beaufort, NC to New London, CT. We did not use the ICW and it was non-stop. Owner: Capri 25. Courses: ASA 101, 103, 104, 105. J/World Performance Sailing
Posted: 2021-03-22 at 09:38:54
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