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The sailor demographics reveal that the sailors are upscale; enjoy a high income; are often CEOs or high level management; enjoy competition and winning; and spend on the finer things such as fast, well-equipped yachts, vacations, and personal luxuries. The majority of sailors are from the New England area with some boats coming from Connecticut, Long Island Sound and Chesapeake Bay. See our Valid List for more details on our membership. he Visibility - An Overview of our Advertising Offering:

A Popular Web Site

This year PHRF will be using its website to draw traffic and attention to the PHRF New England organization as a whole, the general web site for PHRF New England. Based on previous traffic history and further use of the web, we expect this site to serve in excess of 240,000 pages to more than 85,000 visitors this year in addition to our 100,000 branded emails sent. Our sponsors receive placement on ALL pages that make up the site. With a maximum of five sponsor mentions per page, and doing so in a way that streamlines logo and name placement into the site content.

Effective Email Broadcasts

Starting in 2004, PHRF NE increased its usage of email by utilizing more effective and graphical email templates that include sponsor logos integrated into its content. The un-subscribe rate of the PHRF email distributions is very low, indicating that recipients are pleased with the information and insight they provide. Since we forecast the distribution of more than 100,000 email messages in this upcoming year, and since we offer a maximum of eight sponsor mentions per email, we will serve more than 1,200,000 sponsors ad impressions, all to a targeted New England audience of over 2200 members.

Web and Email Ad Specifications
Sponsor presence is provided in ALL of the following locations for each of the five levels - all logo and company mentions are clickable links to URL of sponsors preference - unless noted, all ads are static - the frequency of rotated ads is based on the sponsorship level and is as fair as possible.

Home Page & Email Template Banner Advertising Option
This program is separate from the sponsorship options below, but allows you to gain high visibility for your sailing event by posting a banner/logo on the PHRF-NE web site and in rotation on email newsletters/communication sent by the organization and fleets. Check the PHRF-NE web site home page for samples of what was done for 2016 and 2017. Cost is $100.00 for your banner/logo that will run through 2017. The specifications for the ad: 155 pixels wide X 380 pixels tall at 72DPI resolution in GIF/PNG or JPG format.

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