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Did you know?
Since July 19, 2007 we have served up exactly
logo impressions of our sponsors on both this web site, the event web site, and in our email broadcasts. Many are surprised by this sheer volume and quality of targeted viewership that PHRF New England enjoys.

Target your customers with your message via email blast and presence on the most active PHRF web site in America

Benefits of a PHRF-NE Sponsorship:

- Variety of Sponsor Options for Businesses of All Sizes and Advertising Needs
- Targeted Audience: New England's Avid Sailing Community
- Year Round: Peak Exposure In Summer/Fall , continued Exposure in Winter/Spring
- Consistent and Broad Exposure: In Email, On the Web
- High Volume: 1.5 - 2 million total ad impressions annually served for all of our sponsors
- Competitive and Affordable: Advertising costs as low as $200/year
- Geographical Coverage: Focused from Connecticut to Maine, but also national/international audience
- Additional Exposure to the National and International Racing Communities
- Prompt and Efficient: Setup of Your Ad Program
- Quantitative: Performance and Results for Web and Email Based Ads

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