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Application Tips
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Tips For Filling Out The Handicap Application

Most of the data can be found on the brochure for the boat. Sometimes the actual rig dimensions may not be on the brochure. If they are not, contact your sailmaker for them. Do not put same as last year, standard or STD in any box. Here are some of the basic definitions.
  • I - Foretriangle Height: From the intersection of the headstay with the mast or the top of the highest jib halyard, whichever is higher, down to the deck at the centerline. This is IM on an IMS certificate. Amateur measurements usually are short. This cannot be measured by simply hoisting a tape up the jib halyard.

  • ISP - Spinnaker Halyard Height: From the top of the spinnaker halyard sheave to the deck at the centerline.

  • J - Foretriangle Base: From the front of the mast to the intersection of the headstay and the rail.

  • SPL -Spinnaker Pole Length: From the center of the mast to the outer end of the pole when the pole is set 90 degrees to the centerline of the boat. For double ended poles it is essentially the overall pole length. If the boat has a sprit, add the length of the sprit length to J and report that here. If the only spinnaker is an asymmetric that is tacked to the bow, put NONE in the this box. For any other case put either the pole length or the J+Sprit length here.

  • P - Mainsail Luff: From the bottom of the upper mast band to the top of the boom. If no band, from the top of the main halyard sheave to the top of the boom.

  • E - Mainsail Foot: From the inner edge of the band on the boom to the aft side of the mast. If no band, from the outhaul in its farthest aft position to the aft side of the mast.

  • Displacement - This should be the measurement trim displacement. In other words the stripped boat displacement. This is usually the brochure displacement.

  • Recreational Handicap - When requesting this make certain that you meet the requirements stated on the handicap application. If the boat has roller furling and the drum is below deck level, please note that fact. The usual problem is too many sails or more than one sail greater than 110% Lp. Certain boats come with roller furling as standard, like the J sprit boats, the Aerodyne 38, and others. These boats are not eligible for this credit.

  • Headsail Lp - The Lp stands for Length Perpendicular. It is the shortest distance from the clew to the luff. Divide it by the foretriangle base, J and then multiply by 100 to get the percent overlap. If the jib is self tending, put ST after the size.

  • Spinnaker Width - This should be the maximum width reported in feet. A percentage doesn't tell enough about it. If the spinnaker is an asymmetric on a non-sprit boat, tell us what type it is. Special reaching sails will receive a handicap adjustment.

  • Boat Type - Here we are looking for the make and model of the boat. For instance Pearson 30 or J40.
  • Standing Rigging Type - Here we are looking for exotic standing rigging for headstays and shrouds. Note the type if not some form of stainless steel.

  • Please do not put anything in the box in the upper right hand corner, where the handicaps go (please).

  • If you are in either the New England(NEW) fleet or the Nova Scotia fleet, you can pay on-line with the secure payment page. If you belong to one of the other fleets please pay through your local fleet.

  • If you are emailing a scanned copy of the appiation, please do the scan in BLACK and WHITE. Do not scan in color. Color does not reproduce well and makes for excessively large files. Also make the resolution at least 200 dots per inch. PDF is the desired format. Do not scan in BitMap or .jpg. Do not use a blue ink pen. It does not copy well.

  • Please make sure the writing is legible. Do not use a very fine tipped pen.

  • Here are the abbreviations for the Fleet name:
  • Fleet Name Abbreviation
    Nova Scotia and St. Pierre MAR






    Cape Ann




    Jubilee (Beverly)


















    Cape Cod






    New Bedford


    Lake Winnipesauke


    Lake Sunapee SUN
    Sail Martha's Vineyard SMV
    Blue Water Sailing Club BWS
    New England


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