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Results 2004
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2004 PHRF of New England Championship

107 yachts registered for the event. They came from both ends of the PHRF of New England area; Buzzard's Bay to the Gulf of Maine.

Friday: Lines 1 and 2 got off three great races today. The winds were fairly steady, in the 9 to 12 knot range, with relatively flat water. In fact the winds were so good on Line 2 that the Race Committee had a Ron Popiel day were they could set them and forgot them. They didn't have to change a thing all day long.
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Saturday: The first race of the day was much like the racing on Friday, moderate southwesterly winds. Towards the end of the first race the wind lightened. The second race was a different story. The wind was much lighter with larger shifts. There were biblical changes of position in the second race. This was the first day of racing for Line 3

Race 4
Race 5

Sunday: The forecast was for a 10-15 knots southwesterly. At the scheduled start time, the wind speed was in the 2 to 3 knot range. Later the wind increased enough to start a race. Then things got screwy. On the Line 1, they made radical mark changes to account for huge wind shifts.

Line 2 abandoned their race after spinnakers were seen on the windward leg. After waiting a while, the wind came up from an unusual direction, from the northeast. A short double windward-leeward race was run.

Race 6

Race 7     Only Line 3 sailed a second race today.

Series Summary

The Fleet Prize was awarded to the Jubilee Yacht Club (of Beverly, MA). Prior to the event each Fleet Captian select three boats to represent their fleet. The best overall performance of these boats wins.

The West Marine Performance Trophy was awarded to Phil DiCarlo sailing his Frers 36, Hot Spur. This trophy is awarded to the winner of a spinnaker flying class with close competition. Thus a winner of a class with all firsts will not win this trophy.

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Photos by Marblehead Studios
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