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Results 2006
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2006 PHRF New England Championships

115 yachts are currently registered for the event. They came from both ends of the PHRF of New England area; Buzzard's Bay to the Gulf of Maine.

The SIs have been amended to allow up to seven races for those who raced three days and five races for those who raced two days.

The breeze was moderate to light, starting out Northeast then clocking to the East. Drizzle most of the day made for cold racing

Line 1 only raced 2 races today while Line 3 (Classes 5 and 6) raced 3 races
Race 1 
Race 2 
Race 3 

Saturday started out with a lght easterly. The individual results for the all three races of the day are posted. For the second race the wind was light from the east southeast. The wind lightened for the third race and went further right. The top 5 for the Grand Prix Trophy (combined Classes 1 and 2) are: 1. CLADDAGH 12.75 2. NUMBERS 15.25 3. KATABATIC 24 4. INDRA 25 5. BIG DOG PARTY 30

Race 4 
Race 5 
Race 6 

The wind was moderate from the south southeast. The results for all Sunday races are posted. Classes 5 and 6 only raced one race today as they had already sailed six races.
Race 7   
Race 8 

Series Summary 

The Fleet Trophy was won by the Hingham Fleet. Each fleet selects three boats whose overall standings are added to determine the winner.

The West Marine Best Performance Trophy was won by Claddagh. This is given to the winner of the class that had the closest racing at the top of the class.

The Grand Prix Trophy, for combined Classes 1 and 2 from Line 1 was won by Numbers. The top five boats were:
Numbers 10.75 points
Claddagh 14.75 points
Katabatic 19 points
Scherherezade 30 points
Scaramouche 31 Points

Click here to view photos from the weekend.

Photos by Marblehead Studios
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