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Results 2007
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2007 Atlantis WeatherGear PHRF New England Championships

111 yachts participated in the event. They came from both ends of the PHRF of New England area; Buzzard's Bay to the Gulf of Maine.

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Race Results - Friday:
On Line 2, only Classes 5 and 6 raced on Friday. Line 3 does not race on Friday.

The wind was light out of the south southwest. In Race 1 Line 1 Class 3, MISCHIEF took a 50% alternate penalty. SIROCCO's time in Race 3 has been corrected as the result of their scoring inquiry. In Class 1, Race 2, the time for SHOUT has been corrected and moves them to second place.

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Race Results - Saturday:
The wind is light and variable from the south. The preliminary results for all three races are posted. The race committee will be protesting 33820 for failure to sail the correct course in Race 1.

Race 4
Race 5
Race 6

Race Results - Sunday:
The wind was light and all over the place from south southwest to northwest. The committees had a hard time guessing what the wind was going to do next. On Line 2, Class 5, the J105 race, was abandoned due to massive wind shifts. A protest was denied This decision was appealed. The appeal was successful and the race has been rescored. This results in the second and third places swapping.
A scoring error in Race 6 Line 2 Class 6 has been corrected. DIE FLEDERMAUS in Class 3, was awarded average points after being damaged in a collision. Classes 7 and 8, on Line 2 sailed two races today.
Race 7
Race 8

Race Results - Overall
The final results are posted.
Series Summary

The Fleet Trophy was won by the Salem Fleet. Each fleet selects three boats whose overall standings are added to determine the winner.

The Atlants Weathergear Best Performance Trophy was won by Dick Hyde of FREIGHTRAIN. This is given to the winner of the class that had the closest racing at the top of the class.

Photos by Marblehead Studios
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